Posted on October 31, 2013 By Tina With 4 comments

On fancy dress and French toast

Today I got up and threw my to-do list and my nutritional conscience out of the proverbial window. It is Halloween today and I decided that my 10 year-old self would like to go for a walk. I put on a black and red costume and halloween make-up and went on a hunt for French toast.

There is something about wearing a costume that breaks down those stiff, city-person boundaries. It’s like wearing a sign that says “connect with me, I won’t be a bitch to you”. So many people said hello to me today, smiled at me, wished me a good morning or laughed with me. So I didn’t really have the option of taking myself seriously or retreating into the comfortably lonely Urbanites Anonymous.

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron shares the creative gift of the ‘Artist’s Date’. This is a weekly, solo outing that you do for your inner child (and inner artist) that is pure fun, with no practical or grown-up outcome. It is a chance to make mischief and be pointless.

The Halloween machine reminded me today that on this amazingly creative quest that is art school, I also want moments of joy and freedom that are nothing to do with art (directly). What would your 10 year-old like to do today?

  • Sam E

    Hmmm. Get dressed up! Which is fortunate as I have a Halloween party to go to tonight :-) Lovely reading what you’re up to by the way. Hope you’re enjoying your adventure xx

  • Tina Lynch

    Hello lovely! Yeah dressing up is the best, what’s your costume for tonight? Have been meeting your sundance women who speak so fondly of you, singing Deep into the Earth and thinking of you xx

  • Alma Dell Smith

    Kick orange leaves in the park. Thinking of you and hope you’re well. Call me for a quick or long visit if ever you get anonomously lonely. Or just because. I start a 6 week watercolor class next week..

  • Tina Lynch

    Oh leaf kicking, yes! I was doing a bit of that today as they are finally falling en masse. Looking forward to seeing more of your watercolors. I will call you even if I don’t get anonymously lonely