Posted on February 7, 2014 By Tina With 0 comments

New York, New York

Ba bah ba da bah etc. I think that was how Sinatra put it. I had that song going around my head two days leading up to my first visit to New York last month. Ellie kindly pointed out that I should stop singing it once we got there, the locals wouldn’t approve. I thought I would get stressed out by New York, that I would put in my three days and then desperately want to retire to a quiet hillside. Not so.

I loved it! I felt like I was walking around a movie set, suddenly this place that I have seen so many times on a screen or in an image was actually real. We went to the top of the Rockerfeller, ate bagels, went to MOMA and Chelsea, drank chocolate martinis (thank you Lyndsay and John)… It was over all too quickly as I found myself queuing for the Megabus on a cold Monday morning.

I am sure it was all the better for having beautiful people to stay with in Manhattan and to show us around the city. The time we spent in Lyndsay and John’s studio apartment playing guitar, singing and eating good food totally matched the NYC sightseeing moments.

I hope to be back there very soon as I know I barely scratched the surface of the incredible galleries and museums. As per my last post, spending more time in New York is on my “to do when not busting fanny anymore” list.