Posted on July 26, 2013 By Tina With 0 comments

My top 3 excuses were…

Is it just me or is it really easy to talk yourself out of a creative plan? I have been wanting for years to go to art school and to develop my creative skills. Though I am finally making it happen now, it has taken time and effort to break through all of these seemingly solid reasons not to move forward.

“I don’t have the money.”

Changing career or developing a passion can be costly, though there are many ways to be creative that are free of course! I feel like I have done so much art making in my own time and in evening classes now that I am really ready for the next step. It is expensive, it’s a risk, but I could keep saying forever that I don’t have the money to go through with it.

“I am too busy.”

This excuse has kept me busy for ages. It actually has been really hard around a heavy work schedule to make time to make art, also to bring to life my art school plan (applications, portfolio, essays, visas…). Having said that, I believe that if you want something badly enough you can make time. Late nights, weekends, cramming… and sometimes just stopping to meditate for a minute and humming some Louis Armstrong in my head.

“I’m not good enough.”

Not good enough at art (isn’t that the point of going to study it??), not good enough at fundraising (having never tried it before), not experienced enough to get a place at school (proved that one wrong). These little monsters nibble on my toes in the night, trying to keep me away from these dangerous plans I am hatching. I don’t know that they go away, I have a feeling that if I waited for them to disappear before making my move I could be a long time waiting.

I suppose that it’s a case of leaping before you look, knowing that the biggest risk of all is wondering “what if”. I believe that anything we are capable of imagining, we are capable of achieving. Here’s hoping that my belief is true!