Posted on February 7, 2014 By Tina With 6 comments

Luck is the by-product of busting your fanny

Yes, that’s right. I do wish this had come directly from my own well of wisdom, so to speak, but actually I lifted it from a fortune cookie that I got recently. Because of the slight difference in anatomical reference (just a few inches apart, but makes all the difference), my English friends might find it sillier than my American buddies. Either way, I am reflecting on whether this oracle is really in my best interests.

I reckon it means that luck is not just random, rather it is the product of very hard work. So, if I want things to go well in my life then I need to work really hard. Depending on how well you know me, you might have already noticed that I just can’t seem to help myself from working. Really. Hard. All the time. It’s as if I think deep down that if I rest for more than five minutes, the whole house of cards will most certainly fall down on my head.

As fortune would have it, I am indeed incredibly lucky in my life. I have more to be grateful for than I could begin to recount, so in that respect the fortune cookie may well be right. Having said that, I’m toying with the idea that maybe this would still be true without quite so much of the fanny-busting. I would like to remain productive and energetic yet create more space in my life for friends and family, reading, relaxing, stillness. Writing blog posts. Brushing my hair.

How is this done? Have you found true life-life balance, or what would you like to make more space for in your life?

Comment below, yes? I would like to hear how it is for you.

  • Fan Lebel-Hardwick

    great question gorgeous, it’s a big picture thing, when you’re as passionate as you are you will have times like these often, it’s a question of learning to take time out often and regularly starting by small periods in the day to the occasional wkend to the more occasional holiday. There will be times when you might need to be all go for a period but it is about being present to your own energy and to knowing when & how to recoup after hectic times. Basically discipline also applies to well being :-) love you xx

  • Morven Hamilton

    I can’t comment on life balance I am too busy laughing my fanny off.

  • Tina Lynch

    Oh well I would rather hear that than any comment about life balance anyway! I hope you didn’t laugh it off completely, that would be sad.

  • Tina Lynch

    Love you too Fan! That makes so much sense, thank you. It is a lot about balancing between passion-in-action and the discipline of slowing down. It feels so much more natural to me to just go and go and go, as opposed to making space for self-care. I tend to feel that if I am taking time for myself then I am neglecting my life or letting something slip. I will work on some of those small periods for now, 10 minutes will be a good start. Big hugs to you xxxx

  • Debbie Collins

    Bless your beautiful heart Tina! I believe it depends on your belief system! All of it works better with an open heart, when we can reach that blissful state. Much love, and deep thanks for the beautiful images you’re producing – the Warrior Woman is definitely my favourite! Debbie xxxx

  • Tina Lynch

    Oh thank you debbie! I’m glad you like the warrior woman. I gave her to someone as a gift a few weeks ago, I miss her a little bit but seemed good to let her go. I am finding much more of the blissful state and less of the angsty these past couple of weeks :) Love t xxx