Posted on January 23, 2014 By Tina With 2 comments

Let it Snow

Today was a snow day. That meant that I had a quiet day at home and had a lovely chance to catch up with myself. Of course I would have enjoyed going to class and spending time in the studio, but it was particularly good to stay warm and be still today. I like it when Winter weather gives me a reminder that it is natural to hibernate a little during this season.

Living somewhere that has a ‘proper’ Winter rather than the ubiquitous grey of seasonal England has been fun. I thought I would find it unbearably cold and miserable but actually it has been a novelty that I have enjoyed. There is sunshine and snow! I need boots and hat and a proper coat and a lot of tea (nothing new there).

I notice that people here don’t turn into excitable children when it snows, they are very cool about the cold. I haven’t seen any snowmen or igloos in the park as you find almost as soon as we get a few inches of snow in England. That’s why in these photos there is clean fresh snow to stomp in even when it’s been there for a few days. Bostonians give you funny looks if you go frolicking in the snow, by the way.

  • Iouri

    Where in England have you seen igloos??

  • Tina Lynch

    On the downs!!