Posted on August 7, 2013 By Tina With 0 comments

Got my visa – it’s official!

Finally it’s official, I am going to America and it says so on my passport! This was an experience I have never had before and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. There was a lot of paperwork, financial proof, letters, bank statements, forms and photos.

By the time I got to London for the interview, I was worried that the system at the embassy would be as user-friendly as the online form. I had come to London for the day, so I had with me my laptop and iPhone (as you do). However, these are not allowed in the Embassy nor is there any place on-site to store them.

Thankfully a few other people have been here before, so there were a few shops nearby that would keep hold of the precious tech for a few hours for a fiver. The shop keeper was sweet, shaking my hand and wishing me luck for the interview (reassurance that he wasn’t about to do a runner with my laptop and phone).

You are not allowed turn up early or late, but the queues go around the block so that was all a bit tricky. From the minute I got through the gates though, it was all plain sailing. A lot of waiting around and listening for my number, watching mindless adverts for American tourist spots. The interview was much easier than I had expected, I guess at the end of the day it was just about telling the truth about my trip and hoping for the best.

Chuffed to bits to see this sticky label in my passport, worth the red tape any day.