Posted on July 26, 2013 By Tina With 0 comments

From IT to Arty

I love my job. I work for the fabulous software company, Helastel in Bristol. The team and the clients are like friends and family to me, and every day brings new challenges and achievements. I have learnt at Helastel that creativity doesn’t only belong in the painting studio, that it hides in all sorts of places.

The creative process of making a piece of software is more collaborative and personal than I had imagined before working here. It turns out it’s all about people and their dreams, their visions for their lives and businesses. That’s a great thing to be a part of… and I thought it was all about code!

For our lovely developers though it is all about code (almost), that’s their world. Their home. Painting is to me what coding is to them maybe? So making the transition from IT manager to artist… is about me finding my home too.

I will be discussing the deeper meaning behind my brushstrokes rather than the gory details of our latest technical documentation. My daily bread will be drawing classes rather than conference calls. Sounds good to me, but I will miss the amazing lessons and inspiration hidden inside the walls of this little gem of a company.

I hope that in my new ventures I will be equally surrounded by friends in my daily life, that I will be supported and accepted as much as I have been here.