Posted on July 23, 2013 By Tina With 9 comments

Make Art Change Life">Make Art Change Life

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally made the decision to put art first!

I have researched art schools all over the world for a one-year studio course that would make this year really count. I’ve found it in Boston Massachusetts, and I have even been offered a scholarship for part of the tuition fees.

I would be so grateful if you would pledge your support to me for this project, whether that looks like a message of encouragement or a financial contribution.

  • Iouri

    Good Luck, Tiiina!

  • Fan Lebel-Hardwick

    This is awesome, you rock dear woman, you have all our hearts and support from us, love you and I know you will ace it. Hats off to you for taking the leap, but even more so for sharing it. It is an inspirational gift to us all xxx Fan, George & Freya

  • Kendra Futcher

    Amazing… really inspiring Tina! You will do this x

  • Elaine O’Meara

    So proud of you my talented little cuz! The very best of luck x

  • Ian

    Best of luck, have a wonderful time learning and exploring your creativity!

  • Miranda Spitteler

    Fantastic and courageous. I will leap when I know where I want to leap, inspired by your leap. Dying to hear all about it. You have such obvious talent. So bloody pleased and excited for
    you. A beautiful flower unfolding. xx

  • Tina Lynch

    Dear Miranda, thank you thank you. Really touched by your words and your donation. Look forward to hearing about your leap when you know where you want to leap! Love Tina xxx

  • Tina Lynch

    Thanks Ian :) I hope all going well for you? Email me!

  • Tina Lynch

    Ah thanks Lainey. Lots of love. Send wedding pics!! xx